About Me

As a Realtor, and owner of the real estate and home remodeling company, Enhance Your Space, I find no greater satisfaction than assisting people with their most beloved asset. Whether buying, selling, investing, or remodeling your home, I can assist with each service individually, or provide an inclusive, and exclusive, home services package.

For Sellers, I guarantee an effective marketing strategy that includes my expertise, market knowledge, technology and social media to facilitate a quicker and successful sale. Additionally, I can help sellers market their home with just the right enhancements before they list to ensure they receive the highest market value.

For Buyers, I am here to understand and listen to each person or family's needs, so that I can help them find their ideal home. I'll stay fully involved from contract to closing, navigating and advising them through the process, so they feel assured and informed. And once they are homeowners, clients may use my remodeling services for enhancements that will transform their new house into their dream home.

For Investors, I’ll assist with the acquiring of desirable, off-market properties. I’ll advise clients on renovation costs, neighborhoods, market trends and their expected ROI. Clients who use Handy Joe’s Home Services to do the remodeling work, and also use my services to list the house, will incur incredible savings, as we give exclusive and unbeatable pricing deals. We want to help our investors see big returns fast!

For all my clients, I promise a 100% full-service guarantee, assuring assiduous and honest representation every step of the way. My number one objective is to ensure an effective and positive experience that keeps clients happy and returning for future business.

Contact me today if you're thinking about buying a new home, would like a home valuation, have questions regarding real estate, or would like to learn more about our exclusive home service packages. I am happy to assist!